Taking a few moments … At the end of a busy week.

Time has been flying by in what at times feel pretty close to warp speed. 

You see Iv been in the Soaping Studio Creating Beautful Artisan Hand Crafted Goat Milk Soaps with our Honey added. Busy creating the Soaps that will be in the Soap of the Month Club and getting things ready for Our first shipment. Along with handling all my other clients and orders as well as Social Media, websites, Etsy, PayPal,Square & packing things… And the Construction of the final finish work to the Soaping Studio and milk house. When I say out loud, (or type it ) I mean really busy. 

These are a few photos of what the Building was prior to becoming My Soaping Studio. We’ve come along way in the Construction and I’m so very happy to have this new work space.

Reflection for me is a way to ground my thoughts, a way to bring things into focus and gather myself in the direction I need to go. Today was one of those days.                I slowed down and was able to really “Reflect” and in doing so I am left with a incredible sense of Thankfulness. The beauty of the life I lead in all of its busyness can sometimes seem a little to – much, a little overwhealming. I need from time to time to step back and drink in the Romance and Beauty of it all again. To look thru the photos and realize again how far we’ve come. 

If had folks tell me I take a lot of photos… Yes I do and for moments like these, & I’m glad I did. Sigh and drink it all in. Let it wash over your mind new and refresh you. We’re close so very very close. 🙂

After all it’s about the moment that are stitched together that make it all come together. The moments that make you sigh in relief, cheer, celebrate and yes even cry when it’s sad. It’s those moments that build and make our story here. All rolled into a day that becomes a month that becomes a year. We are Blessed.


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