Working in the Bee Yard 

We’ve been busy working the bees and checking on how they have come into the springtime here in Arizona. We lost 3 top bar hives…. They were from the quieter genetics we brought in from Utah. So with 3 empty Top Bar Hives on hand I started baiting the hives with Lemongrass Essential Oils. I’m happy to report all three hives have attracted swarms and are now occupied with new occupants 🐝🐝🌵🌵🌵🌵 

We’ve moved everyone to a new spot here on our 20 acres and they are getting re orientated to the area. The Mesquite trees are all starting to bloom and the bees are working hard on them. 

In addition to the 2 langstroth hives we have already another 5 will be coming in around next week. After all I have to have enough raw honey & bee wax for my Soaping and body products as well as our own house use. 

Summer is just around the corner and I’m hoping to do a small mini harvest from my Top Bar Hives. 

Soap of the Month Club is now available for June – November 2017 and is selling out fast. We ship 2 bars of our Soaps around the first of each month for 6 months. There are often little extras & surprises in the packages as a special thank you to our clients for their continued business and support of our small operation. 




Ill be posting soon about upcoming markets and events we will be participating in this year. We have made a few changes to be able to travel more with our Soaps and products. But that’s a while over post ✔️ 

Until then my friends and followers of all things we do here at Country Homesteads we enjoy sharing glimpses of our amazing life with y’all. 


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