Summer Time 

It’s been warm here in Arizona, and we’re nearing the final stretch of the extreme heat waves. 🙈

Iv been incredibly busy in the Soaping Studio and we’re excited about up coming events we will be participating in this Fall & Winter Season. We’ve been approached and agreed to some really big venues to participate in. 🛀🏽🛀🏽🛀🏽

With this being said we’ve made some changes to the work load and schedule so we can participate in more markets. But that is a whole other post I’ll make later. 

So stay tuned in by following us here on our website where I’ll post first about the most important things and upcoming things. It will automatically notify you every time I post here with a email. I’ll be adding discounts and event posts so you’ll always know where you’ll be able to catch up with us at. 

From all of us here at Country Homestead have an amazing day and remember to recharge your selves with the things you enjoy tooo. 


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