The Vintage Market Place in Fallbrook/Rainbow Valley California ❤️

We attended the Sept 2017 Market as first time vendors there and had a blast! We met so many incredibly talented people with truly amazing booths. The folks who hosted & promoted this event are top notch in my books. So organized and friendly. We will be back again for the Holiday Market December 1-2 2017 at the same location            The Vintage Market Place Ca  

It is a beautiful location nestled in the Oak trees. Where the atmosphere is one of excitement and creativeness as folks revive & reuse items to make something incredibly beautiful. If you have a chance to come to the December Market do it. You’ll enjoy the friendly vendors and creativity. Thank you again yo Rita & Dean for all you do when organizing and hosting this event. 

Be sure to follow this page by signing up for updates and specials. 😘


2 thoughts on “The Vintage Market Place in Fallbrook/Rainbow Valley California ❤️

  1. Thank you for attending. We love your soaps. I am going to forward your message to our daughter in Menifee.


    Nancy & Nancy Macri Murrieta, CA.

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    > we loved meeting everyone and being a vendor there. We will be back. Y’all are awesome ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🛀🏽🛀🏽🛀🏽🛀🏽🛀🏽🛀🏽🛀🏽🛀🏽🛀🏽
    Country Homesteads

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