Happy New Year

We’ve welcomed another New Year together here at our Arizona Ranch. Celebrating it by riding in this spectacular area we’re Blessed to call home. Here are a few photos to share the a glimpse into this amazing life we live & love.

It’s amazing to me that three years ago we woke up to the most snow Iv ever seen here.

Part of celebrating a new year also means a certain amount of reflection and this year was certainly no different. How far we’ve come with hard work, how Blessed we are to have a thriving business that’s home based. And a zillion other things.

Tomorrow is the start of my work week after this holiday season and to be honest I’m ready to put some mesquite wood into the pot bellied stove in my Studio & create some more beautiful Goat Milk & Honey Soaps. Our men’s shave soaps are also on my list to get made this week.

A surprise of a couple new floral scents that I’ll be adding to the Soap inventory and maybe even the Whipped Body Butters. You can shop online right here on our website.

Be sure to sign up for update from our postings here on our website.

More updates are in the works and I promise you won’t want to miss out on them.


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