Taking a few moments … At the end of a busy week.

Time has been flying by in what at times feel pretty close to warp speed. 

You see Iv been in the Soaping Studio Creating Beautful Artisan Hand Crafted Goat Milk Soaps with our Honey added. Busy creating the Soaps that will be in the Soap of the Month Club and getting things ready for Our first shipment. Along with handling all my other clients and orders as well as Social Media, websites, Etsy, PayPal,Square & packing things… And the Construction of the final finish work to the Soaping Studio and milk house. When I say out loud, (or type it ) I mean really busy. 

These are a few photos of what the Building was prior to becoming My Soaping Studio. We’ve come along way in the Construction and I’m so very happy to have this new work space.

Reflection for me is a way to ground my thoughts, a way to bring things into focus and gather myself in the direction I need to go. Today was one of those days.                I slowed down and was able to really “Reflect” and in doing so I am left with a incredible sense of Thankfulness. The beauty of the life I lead in all of its busyness can sometimes seem a little to – much, a little overwhealming. I need from time to time to step back and drink in the Romance and Beauty of it all again. To look thru the photos and realize again how far we’ve come. 

If had folks tell me I take a lot of photos… Yes I do and for moments like these, & I’m glad I did. Sigh and drink it all in. Let it wash over your mind new and refresh you. We’re close so very very close. πŸ™‚

After all it’s about the moment that are stitched together that make it all come together. The moments that make you sigh in relief, cheer, celebrate and yes even cry when it’s sad. It’s those moments that build and make our story here. All rolled into a day that becomes a month that becomes a year. We are Blessed.

A balancing act in the business of Spring…..Β 

There are times of the year that are fast paced and it seems to be a sprint to a invisible finish line. For us one of those busy times is Spring… Our kidding season starts for our small herd of Nubian Dairy Goats. Which is one of the first signs it’s time to roll with the punches… And I do mean just that!

The girls go to work making Rich sweet milk that we use for cheese and our wonderful Hand Crafted Goat Milk Soaps.The balancing act is in full swing…. Between washing udders,delivering goat kids, and washing the never ending parade of dishes from the added workload…. And a zillion other things, It’s time to get the entire garden planted and ready to grow our summer bounty. The meat rabbits are delivering their first litters and the kits are growing in leaps and bounds. It seems like almost over night they are Fuzzy and then it’s time to have them head off to freezer camp. While my husband deals with that business you’ll find me patiently waiting for a doe in labor to deliver their babies. Our wonderful Honey Bees are also looking for the first signs of spring flowers, and are ramping up for the nectar flow that will be released with with colors of every color your can imagine as the flowers & Cactus bloom here in the beautiful Sonoran Desert.

The circle of life is in full swing now.

Where do you find the time to breath, rest or even relax. The truth is you find a harmony in the craziness of it all. It also is imperative that you plan and get things organized prior to the full onset of the insanity. My vet supplies are all ordered and delivered,and the vet kits, kidding kits and restocking are all done. The lamb bars are all washed and sanitized. We’ve got the kidding stalls up and loaded up with fresh straw, the water and feed buckets are hung. The vet kits and my comfy chair are also present and accounted for. The newborn kids pen is also awaiting its first arrivals…. And my LGDs are well aware we’re going to have the little ones running around soon. The clock is ticking and we’re headed into the final stretch of prep time before the real work begins. 

So now roll your sleeves up and get ready.  

Each morning the doe’s arrive at the holding pen right on time for the early morning milking, and trust me they are opinionated about this routine running right on time. They are ready for some relief for those full udders, and of course their animal cookies along with the grain they get while they are milked… And 12 short hours later you can repeat this process all over again. Pasterizing the milk and getting the babies fed is also at the top of the list each time I milk. At the start 90% of all the milk produced goes straight into feeding the kids. We weigh our milk so we can tract the production of each of our girls. We also hand raise all our kids on a CAE/CL program and are a tested clean herd. We also maintain a G6S Normal herd as well. But that’s another post for another time. Just know that to us here it’s important.


Once the kids have all moved onto their new homes, we start to create our Hand Crafted Goat Milk Soaps. After all what do you do with the tidal wave of milk that comes from super productive Nubians. Please stop in and shop in our Our Etsy Store for these wonderful Soaps. Here are a few of our creations on our loaded curing racks that will be headed to Edible Garden Tour Where we will have a booth set up for our Hand Crafted Goat Milk Soaps. 

You see my passion for Herbs and The benefits that come from Fresh Rich Goat Milk have come together in the creations that are made in my Soaping Studio that is located right here at the Homestead. 

This year were also adding 6 more colonies of Honey Bees to our existing hives, we use the Top Bar Hives that my husband built ( he is very talented) and a huge part of all we do here. Yes we’re bee keepers and lovers of Raw Honey. So that as well is on the list of things to watch and maintain. This is also the time for swarms that we collect and gently place into a new hives.  

These are some of the Langstroth Hives we saved from a 30 year abandoned bee yard, It was a adventure that again is another post all by itself. We’re enjoying Our Bees and this added spoke in the wheel of our self reliance.

We’ve almost made it, the kidding season is finished. The kids have moved to their new homes and are doing well there. I have the garden planted and things are sprouting up and growing well in the Arizona sun. The mesquite trees are starting to bloom and our bees love that πŸ™‚ Our planning and prep for each spring gets more organized and I’ve learned to relax in the storm of it all. Hot cups of tea, frozen crock pot leftovers from the winter save me on those…. I don’t have time to cook kinda days. And the well stocked pantry means that the toilet paper and paper towels are here and ready ….. As well as the other must haves for my family. 

You see the most important tool you have is yourself, and the simple truth is that you must take care of yourself and your family first. So remember that a nap, or a quick snack may help you along this sprint thru spring…. But you must enjoy the storm of it all. Laughter is also the best medicine to have as you sit in a barn with your hair pulled into a crazy bun… With your comfy cloths on. Your sense of humor must be intact and in full operation at times like this,  you have to be able to laugh at yourself and enjoy the simple wins that happen in each day. 

So Embrace it with open arms, the love of an amazing man and enjoy this beautiful wonderful life you have. 

We’re glad to have you here, reading my ramblings of this life that I love and the beautiful craziness of it all. 

Busy Bee’s

 Our Bee’s are busily working in the garden today collecting nectar & pollen. While I work planting my Aloe Vera plants they work all around me… Going about their jobs with a dedication I both admire & respect. No slouches in this group 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

Our Mesquite trees are close to being in full bloom, and the gorgeous Sonoran Desert is blooming in a beautiful rainbow of colors  of oranges, yellows, pinks, purples and more. So the bees have cranked it up and are working overtime as our days get longer. 

I have always been fascinated by Bee’s and how they work. Now that we’re into our second year as bee keepers I’m even more impressed and the fascination has grown. They truly are amazing in all that they do and accomplish. It’s a added bonus to share in the bounty of raw fresh honey, and fresh bee ‘s wax. After all what more could a girl ask for?         Truth be told the health benefits are numerous and range from A-Z. That’s what I call Multi tasking 😍. 

So I encourage you to try a local raw honey. Use it for all things sweet and then some. Add it to your medicine cabinet as well. Create a candle, sweeten your tea, and enjoy the health benefits. What they harvest today will be headed to my Hand Crafted Goat Milk Soaps in the future. 


The Milk Room Routines

The morning coffee is on, the sunrise to another beautiful day has arrived.

It’s time to get things ready for the morning milking here at our Homestead. What started out with one Nubian Goat for our house milk has turned into so much more.

The journey that developed into our love affair of the Nubian Dairy Goat has been a interesting and educational experience. So much more then we thought possible but here we are. My oh my how time can fly and you look back over the years to see a beautiful tapestry that makes up your life by weaving events & experiences together. But alas I’m getting side tracked. Which is not a hard thing for this busy girl to do. πŸ™‚ now let’s get back to the topic.

The girls are finishing their breakfast… And are getting ready to head over to the milk room & make their morning contribution to our small operation. Today’s milk is destined to be used in our Amazing Hand Crafted Artisan Goat Milk Soaps. Each of our doe’s has a strong work ethic and love to show their enthusiasm with their vocal calls telling me that it is in fact time for milking, ( and they are not shy in the least about letting this be known).

So being the good Herd Queen, I add the first rations into the grain pains on the milk stands, and get things in order for the machine to start the job of collecting the Rich sweet Goat Milk. It’s a routine that I love. Each girl comes into the milk room, and jumps onto her stand. I lock their heads into the stanchion… And they begin to munch their dairy ration of grain. I put on my clean rubber gloves and clean each udder with a wash and paper towels. A quick squirt into the teat cup… And we’re ready to go. I do that to clear out any debris and check for any changes in the milk. Then the inflations are placed on each teat . The machine is making its own “Whoosh Whoosh” sound as the milk travels thru the milk lines into the stainless steel milk pail. Even after all these years I’m still fascinated by this whole process. I love seeing my productive girls do what they are bred for. Standing with them in the quiet time of early morning is soothing to me. Then before you know it they are done. I remove the inflations & spray each teat with a udder spray to help close the teat canal. It’s these quiet precious moments that the Nubian steals your heart. Before you know it they have wormed their cute personalities and quirky antics into your life and hearts. I believe the Nubians truly understand that Laughter is the best medicine…. And they hand that out in so many ways.

The repetitive milking cycle that starts with the first set of girls and finishes as the last set of girls walking out of the milk room munching on their reward of animal cookies. Yes it’s true…. You can laugh along with me about that. I give each girl 3 animal cookies as they get down off the stand and walk with me toward the exit door. It’s the secret to this Herd Queens success.

Now to finish my milk chores and get this fresh milk ready to get chilled in the refrigerator and get to making soap. It’s time for me to get to making our Soaps that will soon be listed in our Etsy store. Please stop in and check out our Goat Milk Soaps available for sale.Β image

Our Etsy Store

Let the “Soaping Adventure Begin”

Were just starting to get things squared away with all the “too do’s” on the list.Β 

Our HandCrafted Artisian Goat Milk Soaps are created right here in our Β very own soaping studio. I’ll be adding more to this page / blog. We sell it thru our Etsy store, I’ll try to add a link here as soon as I figure that out 😜 Β But here we go let the blogging commence